How to auto start Chromium in full screen mode to a website URL on Ubuntu OS?

Chromium Kiosk Mode Setup on Linux Ubuntu Operating System

Posted by Amritpal Singh on December 21, 2017

Prerequirement - You must already have Chromium web browser installed on your Ubuntu Linux system in order to make this tutorial work.

  1. Click on Start menu on top left of the screen and search for “Startup Applications”:

  2. Click on “Startup Applications” application icon, this will open “Startup Applications Preferences” window:

  3. On the “Startup Applications Preferences” window, click “Add”:
    Fill in the following information for the fields:
    Name:                   Autostart chromium
    Command:           chromium-browser --start-fullscreen
    Comment:            none
    Next click “Add” to add this new startup program to the list of startup programs.

  4. Finished, reboot and make sure the OS boots up successfully to the given website url in fullscreen mode.



It does not work. The website does not auto start. Is there any dependency which needs to be disabled or enabled. Please email me the commands


solo utilice el comando para ver la ventana full y funciono muy bien, muchas gracias lo demas lo hice diferente

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