How to run Raspberry Pi 4 on SSD drive?

Raspberry Pi Boot From SSD drive

Posted by Amritpal Singh on December 26, 2019

In this tutorial you will learn to boot from SSD on Raspberry Pi 4.

Raspberry Pi 4 has powerful USB 3.0 ports which allows you get max performance when running its operaing system on an external SSD drive instead of default method of booting from SD Card.

1. Download Raspbian

Download latest Raspbian Operating System iso file from

I am working with downloaded on December 26, 2019. Extract the iso file.

2. Burn the iso on both SD Card and SSD Drive

Download balenaEtcher to burn the iso image on both SD Card and SSD Drive

After buring the Raspbian OS on both SD card and SSD Drive, insert both of them into the Raspberry Pi 4 and power it on.

3. Find PARTUUID of the SSD Drive

Use the following command to find the PARTUUID of the SSD Drive




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